Monday, March 1, 2010

Three Layouts Using Pen/Marker Doodling

"Stinker Pants"
This was such a fun layout to do for one of my lil' guys!  It sure brings back memories of his silly antics when he was just 18 mos (he's now seven!)  The mischief in the photos happened while I was talking on the phone -maybe a two minute period, max.  Within these few minutes he decided to pull his sweater off -and  as you can see, got tangled up!  Meanwhile, with the sweater still wrapped around his head and caught under his arms, he went to the fridge and grabbed the bottle of cranberry juice (you can see it sitting on the couch in the photos!) to pour into his sippy cup - which, of course, he tried  to do all by himself......on our the living room....uh-huh - a big drippy mess....THEN... he.decided the newspaper would be a fun thing to dismantle and toss around the room like party streamers...yep - all within two minutes... (that would have been a fitting title for this layout too!)  Was I mad?  Noooo...I laughed so hard I was crying!  Talk about a KODAK MOMENT -  you'll see many more of those "Kodak Moments" as I post more layouts of my silly family!

"I'm Soooooo Cute @ 5!"
A few doodles to go along with my lil' guy's masterpiece - I love this picture!  Yes, we don't blink often and have VERY large circle eyes...we kind of resemble zombies, don't we?  Maybe that was the day we were all brainwashed by the aliens that landed in our backyard...I'm sure if you have little boys you can relate to similar tales! LOL!
I rarely ever use solid paper for backgrounds but it is so much fun to doodle on layouts.  If you've shied away from doodling you REALLY have to try it.  Plus, there's less pressure  because it's not considered as cool as previous years! LOL!  So jump on board the Olive Juice Studio Bandwagon and try it out yourself!  You're going to love it!  Just remember to keep in mind that you don't have to be a great drawer to doodle - that's what makes it so much fun and practically error proof!  "Most" mistakes blend right into the design!

"Cool Dude"
This here is just a 2-page 12x12 layout that I did for the same lil' dude as above...No Cricut in this layout either BUT like I said on the "Home" page it can easily be "Cricut-fied" just by using your handy dandy Cricut and cartridges and some chipboard!

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  1. Hey! I'm enjoying rambling around in the land of Olive ...

    ... wondering about lots of your ideas and techniques, but especially interested in which pens/markers you used on the black card stock to create such a vibrant *POP*!