Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Happened to

We are extremely sad to share with you that Blogger has closed down our Main Blog - "Olive Juice Studio" found at We apologize for this VERY unexpected inconvenience and any frustration it may have caused you trying to access our site. Believe me, we are just as frustrated, if not more!!! Blogger's spambot software accidentally flagged our blog as a SPAM SITE due to a sudden increase in traffic on June 1st and June 2nd and thus shutdown our entire blog. OJS is NOT a spam site -it's a craft site and we are actively trying to resolve this issue.

It has been nine full days now with no assistance from Blogger. We refuse to play the waiting game any longer and have decided that Blogger is NOT the blogging platform we want to work with any longer. We are currently in the process of setting up an official Olive Juice Studio website.

Until we can get someone from Blogger to review our blog manually to remove this error, we are unable to retrieve any of our content. We also have no way of contacting our followers/readers to let them know what is going on. If you know of anyone trying to access OJS PLEASE help us by spreading the word.

Our NEW website URL is:

Please help us out by telling your online friends that we have moved to a new location. If you would be so kind to post our new URL on your blog/website we would be forever grateful for your kindness!

We are still moving content to our new website and are just in the beginning phases of setting it up BUT you are more than welcome to stop by! Please overlook our mess during this "construction" period - We have very little "decor" at the moment but are digligently working on our new site -We have a lot of work to do! We are confident that OJS will be a much better site with more to offer in the near future.

Thank you so much for trying to find OJS! I sure miss seeing all of you!
Olive OJS followers, don't you?

x Kim

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Holy Cow" a Create a Critter Card!

Holy Cow...
(Inside)You're udderly amazing!!!

A cute card  for the perfect thank you to give to the person who has Moooooooooooo'ved you so much!  It's a sure thing that it will not only cause a big smile but a few chuckles as well!  This card was made using the "Create a Critter," and "Wild Card" Cricut cartridges.  Like what you see and want to make one yourself?  Check the Videos/Tutorial link for instructions and/or video.

3-D Shadow Box "Wear a Smile....One Size Fits All!"

Such a fun card to make and quite simple too! This card is perfect to send to someone to brighten their day.  The new "Create a Critter" Cricut cartridge was used to make the flowers and butterfly.   I have a video tutorial of this but have to admit that I'm technically challenged! : -(  Once I figure out the editting program I will post this - I will also be posting a text and photo tutorial under Videos/Tutorials (hoping to FINALLY get it  posted by this evening...stay tuned!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

3-D Furry Snow Leopard

  Such a pretty kitty (a.k.a., snow leopard) for my son's 4th grade zoo project.  It measures 21" in length and approximately 18" tall.  The body was made out of foam board covered with snow leopard fur.  If you look closely you can tell that the front legs are 3-D because we paper mached the legs to give them some dimension.  Be on the lookout for this handsome guy to reappear in another project soon!  We're just trying to decide what exactly we want to do with him! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Sassy Framed Shoe Made with Cricut Solutions Cartridges Wedding and Home Accents

Va Va Vooom! 
This sassy and sophisticated framed shoe art is SMOKIN' Hot and will definitely add class to any room it is in!  Hang on the wall or display on an easel as shown above. 

Royal Diva Birthday Card Using the Paisley Cricut Cartridge

"Wishing You a PurrrrrFect Birthday!"
Here's a super quick card that can be used for a birthday or "just because" card for that royal princess in your life!  Cartridges used:  Paisley and Once Upon a Princess.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A darling 2-page 12x12 layout of my two little hams celebrating St. Patrick's Day!  I'm not sure what is happening with my youngest fella with the flared nostrils....Maybe...just maybe he actually DID see a leprechaun!  This layout was made using a solid green Bazill base, patterned paper in a green tone (sorry I forgot to write down the manufacturer for this one).  Both pieces of patterned paper were cut at 10"x11" and adhered to the solid green paper.  The larger photo was printed out on 8 1/2" x 11" photo paper and then cropped a bit.  The pot o'gold, shamrocks and leprechaun were cut from the Paper Dolls Cricut Cartridge.  The font was cut using Alphalicious.  White paper was used for the shadow and the base was cut from black paper at 2 1/2".  The flower is a Prima using three different flowers to give dimension - the center was made using gold Stickles. The vine is actually a piece of scrap green ribbon with gold beading down the center. All of the die cuts were given some pizazz and sha-zam by using Sakura gel pens in gray, black and white - yellow, gold and green Stickles were also used on the die cuts to kick 'em up a notch!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Three Layouts Using Pen/Marker Doodling

"Stinker Pants"
This was such a fun layout to do for one of my lil' guys!  It sure brings back memories of his silly antics when he was just 18 mos (he's now seven!)  The mischief in the photos happened while I was talking on the phone -maybe a two minute period, max.  Within these few minutes he decided to pull his sweater off -and  as you can see, got tangled up!  Meanwhile, with the sweater still wrapped around his head and caught under his arms, he went to the fridge and grabbed the bottle of cranberry juice (you can see it sitting on the couch in the photos!) to pour into his sippy cup - which, of course, he tried  to do all by himself......on our the living room....uh-huh - a big drippy mess....THEN... he.decided the newspaper would be a fun thing to dismantle and toss around the room like party streamers...yep - all within two minutes... (that would have been a fitting title for this layout too!)  Was I mad?  Noooo...I laughed so hard I was crying!  Talk about a KODAK MOMENT -  you'll see many more of those "Kodak Moments" as I post more layouts of my silly family!

"I'm Soooooo Cute @ 5!"
A few doodles to go along with my lil' guy's masterpiece - I love this picture!  Yes, we don't blink often and have VERY large circle eyes...we kind of resemble zombies, don't we?  Maybe that was the day we were all brainwashed by the aliens that landed in our backyard...I'm sure if you have little boys you can relate to similar tales! LOL!
I rarely ever use solid paper for backgrounds but it is so much fun to doodle on layouts.  If you've shied away from doodling you REALLY have to try it.  Plus, there's less pressure  because it's not considered as cool as previous years! LOL!  So jump on board the Olive Juice Studio Bandwagon and try it out yourself!  You're going to love it!  Just remember to keep in mind that you don't have to be a great drawer to doodle - that's what makes it so much fun and practically error proof!  "Most" mistakes blend right into the design!

"Cool Dude"
This here is just a 2-page 12x12 layout that I did for the same lil' dude as above...No Cricut in this layout either BUT like I said on the "Home" page it can easily be "Cricut-fied" just by using your handy dandy Cricut and cartridges and some chipboard!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super Simple Bookmark & Monkey Valentine's Day Card

Super simple Valentine's cards - even your children can help!
The school where my little olives go doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day with a party (sniff) but children are allowed to bring in Valentine's Day cards. No candy/treats/prizes of any kind can be handed out other than school supplies - yeah I know, how exciting is that?! Soooooo we decided to put a little twist on our cards this year by making the one's for my first grader into a very simple card that can be colored in and used as a bookmark. I did the cutting and the little olives did the assembling -

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rice-a-Roni Gift Box...and Wall Decor

Free Instructions can be found by clicking on the "Videos/Tutorials" link above!

Pop Tart Gift Box and Matching Card Using Your CRICUT!

Make this cute gift box and matching card set for your special Valentine this year using a pop tart box for the box base!  (The recipe for this project was just added to the "Videos/Tutorials" link shown above!)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Recycled Butter Box Easter Baskets

Butter Box Easter Basket

Make this adorable little Easter basket using a butter box like the one shown below!

Find detailed instructions under the "Videos/Tutorials" link above!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cricut Card using Songbird and Sentimentals..."Feeling Like A....Birdbrain" Card

This card was designed using the new Cricut cartridges Songbird and Sentimentals. I am the designer for Memory Miser and thought this was a fun spin on a "sorry" card.  For detailed instructions go to Memory Miser on Facebook!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweet Cheeks Collage Art

Just a sassy lil' piece of art.  Anything mixed with animal print is "hot stuff" in my eyes!!!

Cricut Machine "LOVE" Banner

(OOPS!  Removed for publication!)

Say it isn't so! Such an awesomely (is that really a word?) crafted "L---O---V---E" Banner to attract cupid's attention. It's absolutely perfect to hang from a staircase, wall, archway or any other clever place you can find in your home! This banner was made using several different Cricut cartridges, and stash from the scrap pile (it's a huge pile by the way!)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dr. Love Hanger Art

Ooo-La-La!  The lovvvvvvve doctor is in da house!  How about creating one of these funky and fun pieces of art to welcome the spirit of love to your house? 
(It's an Olive Juice Studio Crafterpiece!)